They’re blooming :)

20130309-131344.jpg For those who are not familiar, valentines in Japan is a little bit different than the rest of the world. It’s the female species that gives chocolate to the guy they are interested with or their fellow male worker as a sign of good faith.

Of course , T wants the same thing too , even though I have frequently told him that we are both foreigners and that we should follow our own culture, meaning it should be the man who gives present to the woman 🙂  But then I felt guilty after saying, I know he will be happy if I got him something and I did.

So what is the connection with the plum blossoms?  Well that is what I got for him last valentines and finally its blooming prettily.

I did got him a little bar of lindt chocolate but I wanted something that could last and not just a one time thing. When I saw this plum tree ,  it felt that it’s the right gift for him.  So now every year he can enjoy watching them bloom .




Any thoughts?

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