Travel Theme : Roads

This weeks’ travel theme is very timely. I love taking long walks or just taking my bicycle out for a ride without a specific destination and sometimes the road will lead to unexpected places.

road6_tokyoThis was taken in the spring of 2010 when I was living somewhere in Tokyo. Actually I got lost and ended up in this

street where the road was lined up with Sakura trees.


This was taken summer of 2009 in Mt. Koya in Wakayama, Japan. This is sort of the main entrance going into Mt. Koya. Long ago, women were not allowed to enter in this way.  They have to take the side entrance which is a little bit longer.


The Pilgrims.
road2_kyotoIn the summer of 2008 I joined a group of people and challenge myself to cycle from Jr Kyoto Station to Arashiyama.


The big gate in Kyoto.


Spring of 2008, I took my bicycle to Hattori Park, and just cycled without destination again as long as there is still a path/road to cycle on. I ended up in this area full of Sakura trees and photographers.


Just a normal road in Takarazuka Japan.


Yokohama at night is very pretty.


The road that will take us to the top Mt. Takao in Tokyo. road5_tokyo Again I was lost while walking around Ochanomizo in Tokyo and ended up in this intersection.


Any thoughts?

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