Let Me Eat in Peace

I don’t care if people smoke as long as they don’t do it while I am eating, it is just plain rude.

Yesterday, after a very nice concerto at Izumi Hall Osaka listening to Brahms, T and I decided to grab a very late lunch and a very early dinner.  We ended up in a small yakitori ( grilled chicken) place in Kyobashi.

We were enjoying our grilled chicken parts and Oyakodon (chicken and egg rice bowl) when two male  customers entered and sat to the table next to ours.  The moment they sat down, one of the two took out his cigarette and put it on the table and not a moment passed smoke was mixed as I was eating.  It was just plain rude.   Most of the smoke went directly into my face,  so T  ended up fanning me right there and then. The two guys saw what we were doing  and basically stopped talking for a short time, but still continue smoking.  I was so tempted to call the staff and move us to another table where we can eat in peace.

Unfortunately the restaurant allows smoking but still it was just plain rude. This has been one the few things I disliked eating in Japanese restaurants or going to bars.    It is just pissing me that most of this smokers are sooooooo inconsiderate.

I just wish Japanese restaurants would start making their restaurants non-smoking place. It is really ironic that Japanese are so into healthy eating and living and yet they could not make their eating places cigarette smoke free. I really don’t get it.

When I first came here, people used to smoke anywhere in the train platform but now they have designated places for smokers which is really very nice.  I just wish that restaurant would implement it too.

End of rant cause I need to go back to work.


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  1. cutenippon says:

    I feel the same way. I can’t stand smoke while I’m eating. Luckily America is non-smoking in restaurants. Wish Japan would do the same too! It would be the perfect country to me if they changed they’re smoking laws.

    1. samokan says:

      Same in the Philippines, restaurants are non-smoking. It’s ironic really that Japan puts a very big importance into health but they can’t make their restaurants cigarette smoke free.

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