Comfort Food: Shabu Shabu and Sushi

Last month I joined 2 company events, eating events and the food was good.


My co-workers and I went to a Shabu-shabu restaurant called Kisoji here in Daito, Osaka. The service was impeccable and food was so good. I did not eat as much as I want though, only one serving of meat. It was more of a drinking party rather than eating but it was still worth it.


Then the next day, after our company quarterly meeting food was served. The sushi was so-so but for a hungry girl like me it was good enough. Lots of drink too, specially beer. I was even able to take 3 cans of beer to T. When the President saw me took one for the road, he grab two more and put it in my bag laughing.

Good food, what more could you ask. Happy tummy 🙂


Any thoughts?

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