Face to face with Mighty Mekong

“Everything goes to the river.”, was one of the reminder of our tour guide on our way to Caibe to our assigned boat for touring the Mighty Mekong River.

There are thousand of families living around the banks of the river and not to mention all the vendor in the boat. For all resident the Mekong is the source for almost everything, from drinking water, food , as a means for transportation and livelihood. So you can just imagine the amount of crap being thrown into it. Our first thought was that it might be stinky but surprisingly it was not. It looks cleaner than what we expected.

According to our guide, during the dry season the river is bluish but to its more brownish than bluish.

I was very excited to see the floating market and maybe shop some fruits but our guide forgot to mention in their pamphlet that the floating market happens very early in the morning and Caibe by bus from Ho Chi Minh is more or less 3 hours ride or more depending on the traffic.

I was disappointed with the tour but still happy to see the mighty and legendary Mekong River.



Any thoughts?

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