Artwork Osaka

Most people walking along Mido Avenue ( Midosuji) in Osaka, do not notice these pieces of art work along the avenue. I did noticed some of them when I was working in the area but I just did not find a few seconds to stop and admire them. Too busy to get work or too busy to catch my train, but they are there waiting in rain, in the blazing sun or freezing winter, waiting for somebody to take a few moments to admire them.

I am trying to remedy that and try to take notice whenever I am in the area. Presenting some of the sculpture found along Midosuji in Osaka, if you are in the area take a moment of your precious time and admire some work of art πŸ™‚


“A girl combing her hair”






Paean to Nature


Ettore e andromaca





Girl in Beaujolais

These are just some of the sculpture along the avenue, there are .. till next time πŸ™‚


Any thoughts?

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