The Motorcycle City

One thing that I noticed when I arrived in Ho Chi Minh or formerly know Saigon is motorcycle , lots and lots of motorcycle.
If you ever been in Shibuya? Then imagine all those people in motorcycle, it’s both crazy or amazing at the same time. I tried to take a snap but I always find it rude to take pictures of people without asking permission , right? But I got some pictures of the famous architecture within the city. I hope it would suffice.

Crossing the streets in Ho Chi Minh takes a lot of courage, so be prepared and make sure to always watch your left and right, front and back when crossing the roads.

The city is clean and modernized and lots of cafe to just sit around and enjoy a cup of very good Vietnam coffee. 🙂  If you every find yourself in Saigon, have fun 🙂



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  1. these are beautiful photos

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