Comfort Food : Kaki Fry

20130130-163555.jpgOne good thing about winter here in Japan is the abundance of Kaki or Oyster. Personally I have never been a fan of oysters but watching T ate it so deliciously I gave it a try and I was hooked. Before we usually go out and eat and a few pieces of this delicious treat would normally cost 600 yen – 1000 yen including rice and miso soup. A little bit expensive although the oysters are a bit bigger than what is normally sold in the supermarket but still it is pricey.

When I told a friend that T and I both like to eat Kaki(Oyster) fry, she suggested that I should just cook it , it’s cheaper and it’s easy to cook to.

Here is my friends’ way of cooking Kaki Fry and the way I have used to.


Oysters – remove excess water using paper towels



Bread Crumbs or Panko

Salt and Pepper



Mix flour and water, creating a paste. I like an average consitency, not to thick but not to thin.

Dip each oyster in the mixture and then coat it in panko. I suggest you do all the oysters first before you start frying.

Deep fry each coated oyster, once the panko turns golden brown its ready. Don’t overcook it as the oyster will dry up easily.


** If you noticed in the picture , one or two of the oyster have darker color , yes they were overcooked. I still need more practice in frying but it is getting better each try 🙂



Any thoughts?

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