On Sake and Hero

After our winter break, there was another 3-day weekend early this month. We could not join the crab eating tour since they were fully booked already, so we just looked for something interesting or new nearby and I found T’s favorite thing to do , Japanese Sake tasting.

A local brewery in Fushimi, Kyoto was holding a one day sake tasting, some were free and tasting the 2 new product s will cost you 200 yen. I don’t drink sake but T was more than happy to drink my part. On the free tasting area, each person is allowed to choose 3 types of sake from 9 different Sake. T got 5 types and I got 1, a Yuzu drink.

Then a little bit of shopping and strolling around the area until we accidentally found Teradaya Inn(寺田屋). It seems that Sakamoto, Ryoma was attacked and injured at this inn. It was a lucky coincidence.

Teradaya (From top to bottom right ), Sake Museum ( bottom left)

Nearest station is Chushojima Station ( Keihan Line )


Any thoughts?

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