A tummy challenge

Tand I like to test how strong our stomach when it comes to eating :). So on our way back from our Angkor exploration , we passed by a roadside restaurant and decided to have to have our late lunch there. When we stopped and got inside, everybody was looking at us. By the expression of their faces I think they were thinking along this line : “What the heck are you doing here?”. After a few awkward moments somebody finally came and talk to me directly in Cambodian, and was surprised when I asked her if she could speak in English.

After a few days in Cambodia, I am slowly getting used to people mistakenly took me as Cambodian 🙂 and then suprising them that I am not, I am something else :).

Anyways to continue the story, they don’t have any menu except for the one hanging on the wall, so no English menu as well.  I think she ask one of the customer there if he can speak English, the very kind gentleman immediately stood up and explained to us the menu and what’s in it and even made the order for us. We were very lucky to have him there at that moment.  After a few minutes our order arrived, it was so good.


I don’t know the Cambodian name for it, but its fresh noodles with chicken and fried spring rolls on top.  Thank you to that very helpful Cambodian gentleman, for helping us order our food 🙂

Result: Both our tummy were OK , so to more foody adventure 🙂



Any thoughts?

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