Weekend in Malaysia : Melaka

A few days before I leave for Malaysia, a very dear friend whom I have not seen for 8 years decided that he and his family would meet with me in Melaka.

The next day, I left early from the hotel around 6:30AM to catch a bus to Melaka.  It was very early but I have no idea how far the bus station and I don’t have a bus ticket yet or how traffic it would be to Melaka. I took the train to Bandar Tasik Selatan and the bus terminal (TBS) is just a few minutes away from the station.  I was able to get a ticket for a bus that leaves 10 minutes after I arrived. Bus ticket is from RM9 – RM15.  The bus was very comfortable, lots of leg room and runs very fast :). I think it was really early cause there was no traffic out of KL so I arrived in Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal a little before 9 in the morning.

R and his family where supposed to arrive around noon but unfortunately there were several accidents on the road from Singapore so they arrive a little late but I was glad that it was not them who were in the accidents and they arrived safely.

From Melaka Sentral we took a specific bus that will take you directly to the heritage site and will only cost you RM1, so after a short rest we immediately departed from the bus terminal.



Melaka is a beautiful and scenic town. It brings you back in time. Cobble stones , victorian style hotels, lots of good food, it was a relaxing town. I loved it.









We decided to stay there for a night and I would have love to stay another day and just explore the city and eat more good food 🙂 . It was a lovely day, I got to meet again with my dearest friend and his lovely wife and very intelligent little girl.  Hopefully next time I will go back there with T 🙂


Any thoughts?

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