Before the summer ends, T and I have been thinking of going to some beaches here in Kansai Area. The first choice was Shirahama in Wakayama Prefecture but hotel and train fare going there is a little bit expensive. Searching and more searching I accidentally found Goza Shirahama in Mie Prefecture.

First question: how to get there ? , the cheapest way that is. We were in luck Kintetsu is having a promo ticket around Ise City but the ticket can take us all the way to where we need to get to the ferry and we can also use the same ticket around Ise City for touring the temples. The ticket is called Shuin Meguri Ticket which is sold until March 2013.

We catch the Kintentsu Line from Tsuruhashi Station all the way to Kashikojima Station and change to the local ferry which will take us to Goza. The ferry leaves Kashikojima port 3 times a day only so make sure you confirm the schedule. One way will cost you 600 yen.



Our pink ride to Goza. There were no other passengers so it felt like our own private yacht. Unfortunately, we did not see any pearl divers along the way.


Of course one of the most important part of a trip is to eat good food, lots of good food and Goza has lot of fresh seafood to offer.


It was already middle of September so less crowd, thank goodness.

T and I decided to pamper ourselves a little bit and stay in a Misakiso Ryokan and we did not regret it. They picked us up at the port when we arrived and of course take us back there when we left. They were very accommodating  and very very nice. Two thumbs up for this place.


Any thoughts?

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