Oktoberfest , dancing, drinking and a party pooper?






Although I don’t drink beer, T likes it and last September we went again to another German Beer Festival held at Umeda Sky building grounds. This time we got a good seat near the stage unlike last year where we sat all the way to the back so we were not able to watch the show. This year we did and it was fun.

We arrived there around 4 or 5 in the afternoon already and the place was packed with people already, both young and old. Families, single, group of friends , foreigners and Japanese, everybody was there.

The band started playing around 6pm and everybody was just dancing and singing.  Even T was pulled to join but not me :). T called me a partypooper for doing that but I don’t care, it’s more fun watching them dance and sing. Even the kids joined in too together with their parents and they were also having a blast.

The band played again around 8 in the evening and this time there was more dancing and T got pulled again :).

It was fun watching everybody enjoying the good German food and beer and of course singing to German songs sanged by a Japanese German band :).

It was a fun day 🙂


Any thoughts?

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