Mt. Ibuki : 8 years after


After 8 years, nothing has changed with this place. It was/is still as breathtaking as it was.  I was not able to take any good picture back then so this time I took lots. I feel rejuvenated after the trip and was very thankful that I got to see it again. 

It was drizzling when our tour bus arrived at the driveway but it completely stopped after a few minutes. Our tour gave us 2 hours to roam freely on the mountain, R and I were ecstatic and could not stop posing and taking pictures. There was only 5 or 10 minutes left before the departure time, just enough time for us to visit the toilet before another drive down.

I was sad that it was not T that was with me but Happy just the same cause R and I have a very long girl-talk. We got back to Osaka around 11:00 already, just enough time to catch the train home.

It was a day filled with fun 🙂


Any thoughts?

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