Annoying weather


I had so much plan for this week, it’s my summer vacation.  My plan was to explore the local are on bicycle, read some books and cycle more but NO the gods does not want me to enjoy :(.

First day, I did all that I planned. Do some chores, and then go to the library to study.

Second day , together with R , we explore Mt. Ibuki ( will write on a separate blog ). It was fun day although the rain almost , just almost ruined it.

Third day, Woke up very tired and slight pain on my lower back. I did some stretching and try to lay down again. By mid afternoon, I decided to go for a ride. I did not get far, my back was not feeling so good. By the time I got back , yeah my back is acting up again.

Fourth day: Lightning and thunder woke up me around 5:50 Am. It really poured.  It was raining on and off all day.

Fifth day: My back still feel a little bit sore and rain clouds is still looming in the sky. Stayed at home again and just continue reading.

Sixth day:  After staying inside the house for too long, I am suddenly turning very lazy, fortunately I needed to visit the library to renew some books. Then I went for a ride. I decided to go the nearby park, but I was surprised that the whole park is submerged in water. There were also some old people and family who are also very surprised and disappointed.

Well I still have 2-3 days left of my vacation, let see if there are interesting things that will happen 🙂


Any thoughts?

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