For a better healthy Philippines

I think it is time for each Filipino to stand and make a decision whether or not we want a better lives for the new generation.

There have been many issues concerning the RH bill and the time to vote is nearing, August 7, 2012. The new Philippines is at the hands of the Congress. If this bill will be amended, it means that goverment is thinking for the well being of every Filipino citizen, our health, our future.

To every Filipino out there, remember our past. Remeber that for 300 years we were under Spanish Colony, under the church. Our heroes fought hard so that we can have our freedom to choose our faith, our freedom to study, our freedom to live our lives, remember they fought for our FREEDOM. Do not waste their effort. Do not go back to the era where we remain ignorant, our faith is important but so is our lives.

How can we serve the Almighty to the fullest if all we could think about is how to put food on the table, or where to get the next meal for the family.

All I wish is that every Filipino will have access to basic needs, food, clean water, education , and access to healthy living.

I hope that everyone who will cast their vote will think first of the well being of every Filipino and of the future of the Philippines.


Any thoughts?

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