One Sunny Afternoon

Yesterday the weather was very nice. Sunny and warm but not to humid. Work was not busy so I was able to go home early but  it was such a beautiful afternoon to waste so I decided to take a long ride to Osaka Castle.

A few weeks ago, I followed Route 8 and I ended up in Kyobashi Station. Yesterday I followed the same route. It took a little while to get to Kyobashi since the road was very crowded, that is the one thing I did not like but what can I do. It took me about an hour to get to Kyobashi Station and a few more minutes of figuring a way to the castle from the crowded station. I did consulted the GPS but I am so terrible with map that I just decided to follow my instinct,  fortunately it was working well this time and I finally reached my goal.

The outer ground of the Castle is very spacious, lots of jogger, cyclist, skate boarders. I wanted to take one round of the castle ground but it was getting dark and I was getting very hungry so I decided to turn back.

I arrived home feeling tired but refreshed. Next goal is Osaka Castle and take a turn or two around the Castle ground.



Any thoughts?

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