Sometimes we have to look down


A manhole in with an Osaka Castle Design.

Sometimes we need to look down to see some beautiful art. How many of you have noticed the manhole cover in your area?


Depicting the early lives along the river in Daito(大東) City , Osaka Prefecture


Expo’90 Design


Another Expo’90 Design


Bells with Clock Design

These are the different manholes with design I found within Osaka City and Daito City. I am sure there are more with interesting design in different area.  If you ever visit parts of Japan, try to check interesting manhole cover designs 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sometimes we have to look down

  1. The Daito City one is really quite beautiful! I did find a stunning one in Yamaga (Kyushu) the other day that depicts their lantern festival. I always try to remember to look down now whenever I am in a new city in Japan!

Any thoughts?

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