The Heat is On

It’s been almost three weeks already since I got my notice /schedule for possible black out but no black out yet.

Summer in Japan especially in Osaka is hot and humid. As a friend said, it’s like an octopus sticking unto you.

The Nuclear plants have all been shutdown ever since the 2011 tragedy, but early this month one of the 4 power plant in Fukui Prefecture has been started to supply the power demand in this area amidst all the protest, but who care right, business must go on.

I don’t own a television , so no morning news but I do check the news online whenever I can.  When I noticed a news feed update from RT(Russian Today) , I immediately check the local news online.. NOTHING, NADA.  A friend showed me a post from one of his friend in FB of the list of board of directors, investors of the plant. Guess what, the owner of the big media industries are on that list, no wonder.

I am not againts the nuclear power per se, but I know that humans are greedy and are willing to sacrifice lives as long as their interest specially money is protected. Who cares about the citizens right?

I don’t really know if Japan is having a shortage on power or not. How can I , when there just 2 more vending machine that popped up a few blocks on where I lived. Do we really need 20 vending machine in a small area and not to mention there is also a convenience store nearby ?

How about the Pachiko places? Do we really need that much pachinko parlor? 

In my own little way, I try to save and use as little electricity as possible:

1. No Cooler. Since I don’t own airconditioner , its very easy not to turn it on. 🙂 Just open the windows and doors to let the air circulate inside the room.

2. No Microwave. Not only it’s healthy, I can save electricity too.

3. Turn off appliances when not in used.

I know that if we just think about it, there are so many unnecessary use of electricity out there, and it is up to us to put a stop it, starting in our own home.

Ganbare Nippon 🙂



Any thoughts?

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