The Biggest Nan Ever

After M took us for lunch in a Nepalese Restaurant somewhere near Kyobashi Station, T and I have returned there 2-3 times already. Usually we always go there for lunch because it is much cheaper but they have more choices during time though.  So T and I tried eating dinner there too but I think lunch is still better 🙂
Anyways we tried garlic nan, the whole size.. oh my it was huge , we could barely finish it. It was so good, fresh from the oven. Yummy.

It is a few minutes walk from Kyobashi Station.

Store Information:


11:00~15:00 17:00~23:00


Osaka-Shi Miyakojima-Ku Katamachi 2-11-18

Tel: 06-6358-1711
Time (Lunch)11:00~15:00 (Dinner) 17:00~23:00

Opens everyday.

Lunch Time is No Smoking.


Any thoughts?

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