Cinnamon: To like or not to like

Now that I like tomato, it is time to start finding ways for me to like cinnamon.  I am a little picky when it comes to food with cinnamon, there are really times that the smell is too much for me. But its time for me to  get used to it.

Searching high and low I ended up in  Kevin’s amazing Cooking Closet. First I need to check the ingredients if they are available in Japan, then there it was “buttermilk”. I don’t think I have seen any buttermilk in a local grocery, so it’s research again for possible substitute, “YOGURT”. I have to visit several international stores to find some cinnamon, most have only cinnamon sugar. I found cinnamon stick and powder, i settled for the latter since I don’t have anything to ground the cinnamon with.


So time to start cooking. Actually, I don’t own a proper oven, I only have a small toaster oven so I can’t used normal size bread mold since it won’t fit. So I used my cute bunny-shaped muffin mold and viola…. it smelled so good and oh so tasty. I am so happy with the result.

You can find the original recipe here: Cinnamon Bread.



Any thoughts?

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