Whiskey Heaven

For people who are visiting Japan and are whiskey lovers, I highly recommend visiting the Suntory Yamazaki Distillery.

I am not a whiskey fan and I don’t think I had any before yesterday. The tour will take to the actual factory itself where they ferment, distilled and age the whiskey. It was amazing to see rows and rows of whiskey barrel. Of course, after the tour you get to taste the product. Yesterday we sample two or their newest product “Hakushu Single Malt” and “Yamazaki Single Malt”.

At first they only prepared the Yamazaki Single Malt, but to everybody’s surprise we can get another shot of Hakushu and Yamazaki Single Malt 10 years. T was very happy when he heard that. He wanted it straight and the ladies at Suntory where more than happy to accommodate him. They even offered him another shot, straight, of the Yamazaki Single Malt. T immediately said Yes ๐Ÿ™‚

According to our tour guide, the barrels are used 2 -3 times only. Afterwards the woods are recycled. The seats , bar counter , the pen in the gift shop , the flooring all came from the whiskey barrels. They do not only produce good whiskey, they also eco-friendly.

The tour guide is only conducted in Japanese but they have audio guide in Japanese is also available. We did not know that we can a get some freebies , fortunately there were some Japanese participants before us who got some free whiskey glass by saying they saw/browse the Suntory Home page. It was probably written somewhere in their Japanese site. The ladies at the reception will not voluntary give it, you have to asked for it.ย  So T and I tried it and I guess they were just too polite to say no. Well it was true though, I did browse thru their website, how else would I know how to get there ๐Ÿ™‚

Guided tours are free but it requires reservation, check the English website or the Japanese Website for details. Internet reservation is only available in Japanese.


Any thoughts?

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