For Healthy Glowing Skin

Eating fresh red ripe tomato is not really my favorite. Sure I would eat them if its in a soup or maybe pasta or any dish.
But when you are in your 30-something you need to start getting conscious about everything, especially your skin 🙂

So I am slowly experimenting with different vegetables found in the local supermarket and since tomato is in abundance why not start with it. Its full of  lycopene which is really good for your skin.

Googling for different recipe, I started collating some basic idea and ways I could enjoyed tomato. Surprisingly, I did not have to force myself, the tomato are sweet and juicy that I really don’t need to do any transformation with it.

First, Baked Stuffed Tomato. I basically just want to use whatever is in my fridge. So I have my basic ingredients, time to experiment.

– 2 whole, red, ripe tomato
– quickmelt cheese (optional)
– some spinach leaves
– salt
– pepper
– olive oil

* Preheat Oven to 350F.
* Cut 1/3 of the tomato,  and remove the middle creating a mini cup. Except for the seeds, nothing is thrown away.
* Mince the remove tomato parts , cheese and spinach
* In a bowl, mix veggies together with olive oil, salt and pepper.
* Coat the tomato with olive oil and stuffed it with the minced vegetable
* Baked for about 15-20  minutes


Any thoughts?

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