Why did you come to Japan?

For the past 8 years, I lost count of the times this question was asked to me.
Let’s see how I answered so far.

1. I want to learn more of Japanese. Yes, language and culture.
2. I want to earn more. Unfortunately I also spend in yen and paid insurance and taxes so it’s basically the same.
I know I have given some different answers before but these are the two main answer that I usually gave whenever I am asked the question again.

It’s actually the truth. Every since I was introduced to Japanese Animation, I have always wanted to learned the language. I can answer the question better in Japanese now and make it more dramatic and interesting for the listener 🙂

Then “Do you like Japenese food?” question always follows. The answer to that will always be , YES.
I can eat almost anything Japanese except maybe for Natto and Ikura (fish egg) sushi.

So why did you come to Japan ?


Any thoughts?

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