Starbucks Services

I collect starbucks mugs from places I’ve visited, majority of them though are from different cities here in Japan.

In Japan it goes like this:

S.Staff : Is this for personal use or gift?

Me: Gift. ( a gift for me 🙂 )

Staff will go and find a nice box for it and wrap it very nicely.

In Seoul, the staff can speak decent English so I did not have any problem ordering.

S.Staff :  You want this one?

Me: Yes.

S.Staff : I’ll get you a new one, that is for display only.

after a few moments, she came back with a box , opens it and shows me the mug and check if there are any problems with.

S.Staff : Is this OK?

Me: Yes. thank you.

She wraps it very nicely , my mug all safe in the box.

In California, somewhere in O.C.

S.Staff  : Do you want this mug?

Me: Yes, please.

S.Staff : We are out of tissue but I can put in a bag for you?

Me: HA? ( Is that supposed to be my problem now) Uh OK.

I just kept myself from giving any comments, I must not compare to Japan.

I think Starbucks should send their staff for training to either Seoul or Japan in Customer Service..

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  1. cutenippon says:

    This just shows you how America works, lazy and don’t care. I wish everyone could get a chance to see how respectful people are in other countries.

    1. samokan says:

      This was my first trip to America, so you can just imagine my disappointment. Coming from a third world country I really had this huge image of USA, it’s slowly shrinking now.

      1. cutenippon says:

        I’m sorry to hear that. I live about 2 hours from NYC and any time you get closer to any city people tend to become more rude. Though if your on the country side people are more down to earth. My family and I have had various exchange students through the years and we always gave a good impression. We still stay in contact with all of them because we had respect for their culture and them.

      2. samokan says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I am not generalizing the whole America. I was only in one tiny part of California state, so I am still very much interested to visit the other state and get to learn more of the cultre.

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