Finally Sumo

T was very excited to go that I finally gave in.

I do like to watch Sumo live, but tickets are just so expensive I kept putting it off.  We went to the opening day last March. We did not make any ticket reservations because we thought we can just get the general admission ticket , which is sold only on that day.

How wrong we were. They only have very very limited general admission tickets and since it was the first day, Sumo enthusiast were already lining up outside.  When we got there around 11 AM, the cheapest one was already 6,700yen.

I almost turned around when T blurted out ” Take this moment, you will never know when you’re going to Die.” and I am glad I did. It was fun. T and I bet who will win but most of the time we choose the same wrestler.

I wanted to watch the final match, unfortunately tickets that I can afford where already gone. Maybe next time 🙂

Our Tickets
Bowing to the West
In their “House” Banner
The wrestler names. The red light on top or on the bottom of their names, indicate the winner of that match.

For schedule and where to get the tickets visit the official website [Japanese] [English]


Any thoughts?

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