Anyong haseyo goes a long way

Knowing some basic greetings of the country you are visiting really helps.

After touring some temple in Seoul early this year I got hungry. While waiting for the lights to change, I caught a really delicious smell on my right. And there it was some Korean street foods, without hesitation I went to one managed by an old lady.

I can’t read Hangul and the only Korean words I know is “Anyong Haseyo” and “Kamsamnida” ( sorry if I spelled it wrong). There was a small paper that says 1000 won so I’m guessing that is how much the food was.

It was a cold morning but when I said my pathetic “Anyong Haseyo” to the old lady, she gave me a really warm smile. I made my order by pointing at the food and showing her the money, and to my surprise she added another one to my  pack.

* It seems that 5 pcs  for 1000 won.

I took my treat to a bench nearby and ate happily 🙂

my delicious korean treat 🙂

Any thoughts?

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