Lost but then Found

One saturday morning I woke up surprisingly early, there was a bit of an overcast but it does not look like its going to rain.

So after slowly settling in with the new place it is time to get on my bike and know thy neighborhood.

I found the way to Nozaki Kannon. It took me about 10 minutes to find it instead of just 5 because I kept making the wrong turn :).

I decided to visit the temple and found the temple staff doing there morning exercise. It was so cute watching them. There was a hiker’s path on the side of the temple so I walked there instead so I would not disturbed them.

I was not planning on doing any long hike , so I made a turn and found this little brigde and saw a beautiful sunrise gracing Daito City.

When I went down again, the exercise was over and I went to the main temple but it was still close and no candles yet, so I just said a little prayer and went on my way.

Instead of going back, I took the small alley road and ended up somewhere. I saw a sign that said going to another temple and I tried going up but it was too uphill and I was already out of breath and not half-way yet. So I turned around and cycled more to somewhere :).

A few more turns, dead end, turn again and I was on a main highway. Then I finally saw a sign that said going to Nozaki Station, good  a way home. But something caught my eye.. A Park.

So I took I turn and I am glad I did. It was Fukakita Ryokuchi. It was huge and lots of things to do.

It was still early morning but baseball clubs were already playing, kids running around in the park. People playing tennis and some were preparing their barbeque grill for day.

I took a short spin at the park , then headed back home for a late breakfast.


Any thoughts?

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