Do you drink alcohol?


Two weeks before my yearly medical exam, I got the questionnare from the hospital.

While I was deciphering through all the Medical Kanji , I found the lifestyle questionnare. One question that really caught my attention was about drinking alcohol.

In my previous experience, it usually asked you if you drink alcohol? Yes or No?. How often? That is it.

Now in a Japanese questionnare, it asked “Do you drink alcohol? Yes or No.

If you answer No, then its over but if you answer YES the next question is “How many times in a WEEK?” and then  specific kind of drink you have. Listed were beer, chuhai, wine (red/white)  and whisky.

Since I occasionally drink alcohol I check the YES portion and leave the details in blank.

When I gave the questionnare to the hospital nurse she asked me details on the alcohol part and I told her that not weekly but maybe once or twice a month. Since I don’t drink on a weekly bases,  she said that I can be categorized as a non-alcohol drinker and checked the NO part instead.

When I asked T-san about this , he said that they also checked the NO portion for him.

So if you are taking a Japanese medical exam and encounter this question, just put NO 🙂





Any thoughts?

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