Crabs and Bridge to heaven

To start year 2012, T and I decided to join an eat-all-you-can crab tour organized by Club Tourism.  I have never been a fan for organized tour, I like to discover things on my own BUT looking at the price it was worth a try. It was worth it.

The main part of the tour was the 90 minutes eat-all-you-can crab at Amanohashidate(天橋立) and 2 hours at Kinosaki Onsen, fee for the onsen(hot spring) is separate.

We did have not enough time to view Amanohashidate from the nearby hill/mountain but it was a great and relaxing day.

The rotating bridge.

At certain time of the day when a boat arrives or leaves the port , this bridge rotates to let the boat pass.

eating time

Kinosaki Onsen


The first bath house in Kinosaki Onsen.

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