Enternal Rest

Just got the news a few hours ago, my uncle , my mother’s brother just passed away.  He had a heart operation recently and then last night they remove a tumor from his brain. Two major operation in less than a year, even though his will to continue living was strong, his body just gave up on him.

I was just a little girl when he stayed with us  since he was going to a local university. I can remember that he was very hardworking and would never say no to what my mother would ask of him. He did all the house chores, even those that were supposed to be assigned to me. We argue when I fight with my little sister, he would always take her side.

It seems that he calls my mother everyday, talking to her and giving her encouragement. I almost never call home, cause it makes me homesick and of course very expensive so I am thankful to him for making the effort to talk to my mother even though he is sick.

I never knew how sick he was, I wish I could have done something more, helped them but now its too late and all I could say is “I wished I had ..”

I just hope that wherever he is right now, he will not feel anymore pain.. may your rest in peace Uncle Dodong..


Any thoughts?

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