Danjiri Festival

Danjiri , according to my Japanese dictionary, is a decorative portable shrine, float used in festivals in Kansai.  The most famous one is in Kishiwada City but the one in Izumi Fuchu claims to be the oldest.

I have never been to this of festival here in Osaka before so when L invited me , I said yes.  We stayed in L’s friend in Izumi so that we can watch the festival at night.

I was amazed at the dedication of the local who participated in the festival.  There were men and women in all types of ages who joined in. They had their hair done and they have their cute festival customs on.

The float covered in all paper lantern.  If you watch it at night, the paper lanterns is night too look at but you can’t really see the details on the float.

This float is getting ready to join the procession.  I think they were doing a ceremony or something to it.

The Back View


Pulling the Shrine


The Shrine
Dancing on Top

It seems that this festival is dangerous. Last year there was only one casualty, a girl got trampled when the shrine passed by. Lamp post all over the route have a protective covering on it and it seems that mattresses were positioned at some corners to prevent the participants from heading straight in the pavement.

The work on the float were just amazing.  You can just see how much work was put in making those carvings.

If you ever watch this festival you might want to keep a little distance 🙂


Any thoughts?

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