Anniversary and Absinthe

Absinthe  is a green, aromatic liqueur that is 68% alcohol, is made with wormwood and other herbs and has a bitter , licorice flavor ; now banned in Most western Countries.

R recommended this restaurant to me. T wanted to check it out but due to budget constraint, we kept putting it off.

For out 1st Anniversary :), we or I decided to celebrate it there.

We finished our errands first and then T found this record shop just beside the cafe and spent sometime looking at the records. I did not have the heart to dragged him outside when he looks so excited looking at the records. Anyways, we got to the cafe around 3:30ish .

The cafe is facing the entrance to the highway, so there really was not much view.  We found a nice table at the corner just beside the opened sliding door.  It would have been perfect but unfortunately, smokers are just everywhere :(.

T ordered the regular absinthe, as suggested by the waiter and I ordered too which was a mistake . I really did not like the taste. So T ended up drinking the 2 absinthe.

The Pouring of the liquor
Putting the sugar on fire
Diluting the concoction

The food were delicious though.

Mango Smoothie

T ordered another absinthe, a more expensive one :). The waiter explained that it was not that strong and it taste was supposed to taste better. I tried it and it tasted the same to me :).

We were planning to stay there till maybe around dinner time, but smokers were slowly arriving and we really don’t want to suck all those smoke so we decided to have some yakiniku in Tsuruhashi instead.

It was a nice experience though. I can safely say that I am not an absinthe fan. The cafe on the other hand , is cozy enough to hang around with friends , though I really would want it to a non-smoking Cafe/ Bar, then it would be perfect .. to me.


Any thoughts?

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