The cutest monster in the world

Stitch. Yup just like any other girl, I love stitch but I don’t collect stuff toys cause they are dust collectors :). I receive a stitch stuff toy as a birthday present last year from 2 girls I used to work with in Tokyo and from my cousin too but I don’t really buy them.

When it comes to key chain or cellphone accessories , I think Japan have a wide and cutest variety in the world 🙂 but it was just 2 years ago that I found out they also have stitch key/cellphone accessories in every prefecture.  It’s small and can easily be put away, so I don’t have to worry about dust.

Here are some of what I have collected so far.

Stictch and the Tokyo Tower
Stitch and Osaka’s Takoyaki ( Octopus )
Stitch and Hyogo’s Akashi Bridge
Stitch and the legendary dragon of Enoshima (Kanagawa)
Stitch and Mt. Fuji
Stitch and Himeji Castle
Stitch and Natto in Ibaraki
Stitch in Kamakura.. doing a festival dance?
Stitch in Kobe’s China Town
Stitch as Sakamoto Ryoma in Kouchi

Although I have never been to Kouchi yet, but I can’t refuse a gift can’t I? 🙂

Maiko Stitch in Kyoto
Stitch and Nagoya’s golden fish
Stitch in eating odango in Okayama
Stitch in Wakayama
Stitch harversting Yamanashi’s cherries

There are some places that I have been to but don’t have a stitch key chain yet, like Hiroshima, Hirakata, Beppu, Ehime , Nagano, Iwakuni and so on…

Any thoughts?

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