Okayama Tour: Kurashiki

R still have 4 days left on her 18-Kippu so we agreed to do a day tour somewhere, the destination: Kurashiki.

I woke up around 4:30 AM yesterday and met up with R at Osaka Station before 6 AM. The train was 6 minutes late but we still arrived in Kurashiki Station by 9:30 AM.

JR Kurashiki Station

Before we start any walking , we have to get some breakfast first .

Kitsune Udon


On our way we found this weird thing outside one of the store

I love this alley .

Boat Ride
Ohara Museum


Information Building


Hello Kitty is just everywhere


Entrance to Kurashiki Ivy Square


Kurashiki Ivy Square

Museums, craft store , souvenir stores can be found inside the square.

Scenery Fan

I really wanted to get one this fan. It showed some scenery around Kurashiki but it was a bit pricey and fragile too, so I just me some postcards instead.

We found this croquet store and it looks so good.  I was not able to stop myself and I got a nice chili lobster croquet for 150 yen.


Any thoughts?

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