Cakes and Karaoke

Summer Holiday and I have colds. It is just sooooo hot lately.  H is on holiday today too. So its eat-all you can cake in Fujiya in Shinsaibashi and Karaoke.

First stop: Fujiya.  Eat all you can starts at 3:00PM – 9:00PM. It’s 1380 yen for 1 hour. Only 1 drink free.

There are about a dozen or so kinds of cakes to choose from. You can only ask for 2 cakes at a time and if you don’t finish your order first then you can’t ask new cakes. If you don’t finish the cake, you have to pay it.

Fujiya Mascot
First Order
Third and Last cake : Hokkaido Cheesecake

Then we went for 2 hours of Karaoke and we only paid 1150 yen for the 2 of us and it already includes the drink. Then we walked until Kyobashi station.

So today my throat hurts so bad 😦

Any thoughts?

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