0 but not 0

Summer in Osaka is really humid. As a friend said: “It is like an Octopus that clings to your skin”.

By July, T and I were no longer using hot water.  Our last gas bill was around 2500 Yen and we only used 1.5 cubic meter of gas. Yesterday, we finally got our latest gas reading: 0 cubic meter but we still need to pay 1890 yen. WHAT ?!!!!

So I asked some friends who were/are tenant in Leopalace and they basically said the same thing.  It is thievery.

T wanted me to call the company which I intend to do too, even though I know that they probably would not budge and I would probably end up paying the insane amount but at least I get to vent my disappointment in them.

So this month I guess I need to use the gas sometimes 😦


Any thoughts?

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