No Kids Allowed


R sent me this article : No-Kids-Allowed.  At some point, I do agree with it but completly banning kids at establishment is going to far.

Yes I am single but I came from a big family with lots of kids. Kids throwing tantrums is not something new to me.  Although there are certain time when you just want to enjoy your meal at a the restaurant or a cup of coffee without anybody screaming around.

One thing I have noticed with the Japanese Kids though, they rarely throw fits in public and when they do, the parents automatically apologizes to everybody and tries to bring the kid outside. 

If parents are just be sensitive to where they are I don’t think banning kids is necessary. 

What do I know ? I am single right? . Teaching manners to our kids are the basic responsibility of a parent, I think I don’t need to become a parent to know that. And yes teaching our kids to act responsibly when they are in public . Kids need to learn that being a brat is a big NO-NO.

I am against the “No Kids Allowed” but I am totally in agreement that when the child is becoming a brat inside the establishment then the establishment has the right to ask the concerns to leave until the kid is calmed down.



Any thoughts?

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