A Bump in the Air ?


My recent brushed up with the Taipei immigration made me realized that if I am going to pursue my dream of traveling the world, then I should be prepared with things like this.

Last Friday night when I was waiting in the China Airlines lounge, I wanted to curl up in the corner of my room, sulk or cry.. just wallow up in self-pity.  But I realize, life is too short for that. Shit happens and maybe it was not my time to visit Taipei,  Fate did not allow it yet.

When I finally boarded the plane yesterday,  everything that happened just all went to blur . All I can think of was ,” I am finally going home.”

Right now, I feel that I just wasted money. That’s all.

So now, I should get ready and meet some friends and enjoy the rest of the weekend 🙂



Any thoughts?

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