Usuki ,The City of Stone Buddha?

I was checking some of old picture and I found out that I have not yet blogged about my trip to Usuki, Oita Prefecture.  I went to Usuki last 2008 with N. It was not actually in our destination list, we found out some poster in the hostel and decided to check it out instead.

Usuki is an hour away from Beppu on JR Line, and it cost about 1000yen to get there.  We got there early,  and found out that there is a bus tour going around the city but very limited. I am not sure how much it was though but anybody can sign up. The  registration area is Usuki Station.

As far as I can remember, there were just about 2 foreigners there. Myself and another Caucasian lady.  It  was lively inside the bus.  N and I tried our best to translate to the other lady about the tour since it was all in Japanese.

Our first stop is in this Soy Sauce Factory ..

The Tank of Soy Sauce

Then we passed by at the shopping district but we did not stop to shop though. N and I went checked the place on our way back.

Shopping District

The tour guide also pointed out the ruins of castle, but I think I will post that in the next blog.

Then to our destination. The Stone Buddha.

The Valley

According to our guide, this little valley here was the where the stone carvers used to lived.

Little Stone Buddhas
Big Stone Buddha

To keep the carvings from further degradation, most of them are now housed.

The 7 Demigods?

I am just making that up, but the one in the middle is Buddha ( I think ) and there are 7 other gods surrounding him. Notice that colors are still very visible.

I wanted to take more pictures on the main Buddhas, but N was not that comfortable with it, though she did not say I must not I just felt that I should also respect her wishes. I have taken some pictures so I guess that was enough.

This is main website of Usuki City and The Sekibutsu ( Stone Buddha) .


Any thoughts?

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