No Eating !!


My desk at work always have food or a mug of something on top when I am working.  I always munch on something especially when I am trying to solve something. A bit of chocolate every now and then gives you a boost of energy, also I get really grumpy when I am hungry :).

I have worked with embedded project before and when I am working with the device, I don’t put any liquids in my table.

So when I had my orientation last April in my new workplace , my first thought was “how can I survive? “.  First thing first, observe.

1. No Drinking at your table. Yes, no one has a mug in there table. No visible liquids.  They usually have bottles of liquids or thermos stored in there drawer.  As long as its not on top of your table then it is ok.

2. No Eating at your table. Again, as long as the food is not visible and messy it should be fine. Though majority of the Engineers are male , so really can’t find anybody eating while working. Besides me, there is only one other female in the group and she has food in her drawer and eats when she is hungry in her table.  Then I found out that the other girls hid their food in their locker at the toilet.

Lunch is rotational. It is not always 12noon – 1pm like what I have always used to and it is only for 40 minutes then there is 7 mins break both in the morning and aftenoon but I usually used it only in the afternoon so I get around 14 minutes break enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee. Currenly , lunch is at 1:00PM , so I need to eat breakfast properly now.

Food in the company canteen is really cheap. A bowl of soba or udon is only 120 yen in different variety so for the past month, I have been eating a bowl of Beef soba, Curry Soba, and etc. I saved and its good for  dieting :).

For the past 2 years, I have the Tokyo Metropolis and Tokyo Tower as my view every lunch but since the canteen is located in the basement, no more views just people wearing the same thing.

Changes again.  No more chocolate in my drawer or any form of drink except for a bottle of water.  Communication must be in English.. yipeee.

It’s good to be back in Osaka but I do miss Tokyo 🙂


Any thoughts?

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