Beer Garden in Nakano-Shima

We accidentally found it while checking if the roses were blooming in Nakano garden.  Lunch is around 800yen including drink all can juices, coffee and water 🙂 plus soup.

Enjoy a quiet afternoon beside the river.  Check it out .

** I forgot about Nakano which is in Tokyo so I changed the title to Nakano-Shima.


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  1. Platmack says:

    Surely a different Nakano to the one in Tokyo?

    1. samokan says:

      Yes , this one is in Osaka. The whole place is actually referred to Nakano-Shima. I think I will change the title for clarification.

      1. Platmack says:

        I lived in Nakano (Tokyo) for a while and was reading your post thinking no way, looked nothing like that hahaha

        1. samokan says:

          Yes, I don’t think it looks anything like Nakano-Shima though its a nice area to live in Tokyo. Thanks for pointing that out, and for dropping by.

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