Belgian Beer Festival in Osaka

Personally I don’t like beer but T likes it, so we went.  You need to get your own beer glass and buy prepaid coins in the both.

T paid 3100 yen for 10 chips and beer glass. We thought that one glass of beer would only cost 1 chip but it turns out that the minimum glass will cost you 2 chips.

Ticket Booth
Beer Drinkers




Beers !!!


More Beers


More Beer !!
And More Beer
T's First Choice .. sorry I Forgot the name


Ts Second Choice or was it third ..


Yummy ?
Wash the glass every time you want a new beer !!


Later that day, we met a group of Japanese who loves to sing. We got invited to join their table and they started singing and were still singing when we left them.  Till the next beer fest !!


Any thoughts?

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