My friend RJ keeps posting links about RH bill and making some sarcastic comments 🙂 ( sometimes ) about people who are against it. Personally I don’t have any idea what RH bill , it was RC who gave me a basic idea what it was about. By his description alone, I don’t need the details, I agreed to it immediately.

Conrado de Quiros of the Philippine Daily Inquirer gave a very good opinion on it.


The debate is still going on back home.  In my opinion, this BILL needs to be pass. The Philippines has a great potential for improvement and by educating the public on family health care , each Filipino can his or her future.

I am very lucky that my parents where educated enough. They both know that since my father does not have a permanent job and my mother was just a plain housewife,  they need to save money for their kids education and be able to give us better food and safe environment.  I don’t think that is evil right? I think its common sense.

My mother came from a very religious family. My grandparents and her sister and brother were very active in the church but at the same time my grandmother was a midwife and my 2 aunts are nurses. I don’t need to ask them to know that they were using contraceptives, my mother and his sister have 2-3 children only.

This video shows how tough life can be and yet some family still have more that 10 children living in a squatter in a cramp room.

Not being able to provide for your children with basic amenity like food, education and a safe home  is I think worse.

Fellow Filipinos, remember we fought for freedom during the Spanish colonization. We fought the those manipulated priest. Remember the heroes who fought for us so that we can think for ourselves and for our FREEDOM. Do not forget it.

Do not let be manipulated again.. THINK and decide for your FUTURE, OUR FUTURE.

This is not a solution to poverty , but it is a step towards OUR IMPROVEMENT..

FILIPINOS,  I know you have more common sense and Intelligence in you.

Let it be done.




Any thoughts?

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