Waterwalk: Nobidome

This is  a long overdue post, this was last April 2010


Together with other river folks, it was a nice day for walking.

” 野火止用水” – Literally means, ” Water for Stopping Wild Fire.” It is a long irrigation canal that have supported the simple life of Niza.

The place cannot be found on Tourist books, so I was really glad to join the walk.

We started out in JR Niza Station, and ended in Shiseki Koen, where a Spring festival was held.

I forgot my spare battery ( stupid) , was not able to take any picture at the festival. It was a very nice festival, with dancing, singing, and lots of cool stuff.

Then we took the bus to Higashi Kurume Sta. bound for Ikebukuro and Shibuya 😀

JR Niza Station
Some Cherry Tree Along the Canal

Wild Birds Forest
The Promise of Spring
a wild flower or not

the temple and the sakura
a closer look
stable or a house ??
Astroboy Balloon



Any thoughts?

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