Off The Beaten Road

I don’t know if the title fits, but I like the sound of it. After a very late brunch at Shimoda Aquarium Restaurant, we decided to explore the the side of the aquarium

While walking at the back of the aquarium , we noticed a stairs going to the back of the islet. It seems that it has not been used for ages and if it was only me I probably would not have ventured all the way out but T insisted to take a peck , so we did and I’m thankful that I did because the view we found was absolutely beautiful.

The way we came.
T wanting to see more...

While T went out exploring , I sat there on the rock and just enjoyed the cold breeze on a sunny day.

The black ship cruises again !!!
The view while I was relaxing

Playing with shells we found in the shore

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  1. sartenada says:

    What a lovely set of photos. I enjoyed all of them. I love most of all, the second photo from the top and also the second last photo. Number sixth from the top is fantastic looking also. What struck to my eyes in Your photos is how rough landscape seems to be. Is it volcanic soil?

    1. samokan says:

      yes I believe they were result of volcanic eruption.
      Thank you very much for leaving nice word about my pictures. 🙂

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