Shuzenji Youth Hostel

T and I had our first long trip together last winter vacation in Izu Peninsula. We had lots of fun and our accomodation was affordable and very comfortable till we arrived in Shuzenji.

On the 3rd day of our trip, the first hotel/ryokan we stayed ( I will write about it in my next entry ) was really out of the way already so we decided to stay in another hostel somewhere in Shuzenji. We could not find any affordable ones anymore, most are already occupied.

Unfortunately, it was a mistake.  The hostel location was on top of a little hill and you need some stamina to walk all the way up.  It turned out that we were the only occupant on that day. The lady manager was actually nice in a weird way, I can’t put my finger on it but she is kinda weird.

When I made the reservation , I asked for a single room for both T and me but that is only possible if you are married.  When we get there she asked the same question again, so T just answered Yes to All and we got one room.  The first thing we noticed in the room was , the air conditioner was so dusty. It seems that it has not been used for ages.

When I was talking to her that same morning, she offered to give us a ride to the nearby public bath since she said that it was much better than what they had in the hostel.   When we got there, T started exploring the place after we put our bag in the room, the womens bath seems to unused for ages, the mens bath is closed. The kitchen has seen better days then  she suddenly changed her mind about giving us a ride to the bath, but instead will pick us up after the bath. She gave us direction to the bath, but her right and my right were on the wrong side so T and I got lost :D. We have to back around and walk the way back to Shuzenji Station because that is the right way.  She was trying to be nice but she was trying to give some subtle hints that she does not want to be disturb.

We succesfully arrived at the bath, but I was so disheartened by the place that I did not enjoyed my bath. We were also succesful in finding a place to eat after roaming around for 10 minutes since most restaurants were closed, and was able to catch the last bus going to the hostel.

The whole place gives me the creeps . T just laughed at my over imagination but I really can’t help it. I had too much hormones in me that day, you know being a girl and all. My bladder was not cooperating too. Midnight. I can’t hold it anymore. I know it was just my imagination but … I woke up T to accompany me to the nearby men’s toilet.

 We left around 9 am without bothering to tell her since she was nowhere to be found.  We tried ringing the counter bell but she just ignored it.

If you want some adventure to the unknown, then I guess you will enjoy this place. But for me, nope i don’t care if I’m going to spend a couple of yen more but I want to stay in a clean comfy place.

Any thoughts?

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