Donuts … where ?

I love donuts and I can’t deny it. I even fall in line in Crispy Creme Shinjuku in cold winter just to try them.

Back in the Philippines, I love Dunkin Donuts. Even when I was a poor college student, I always try to get one every month when I have some extra allowance and it’s always choco-web flavour.  Unfortunately, there is no Dunkin in Japan but there is Mister Donut. I have never liked Mister Donuts before but since there is nothing else I tried them.  I was surprised, it does not taste the same as it was in The Philippines. The Japan made were much much better.

When H mentioned a really delicious and healthy Donuts store in Yoyogiuehara, I just have to try it. So a few weeks ago, R and Me searched high and low and decided to just ask a nearby flower show about the infamous donut store and they were kind enough to gave us directions.

How to get there:

From Shinjuku Station take the Odakyu Line and get off at YoyogiUehara Station.  You can also take Chiyoda Line and get off at the same station.

When you get out of the station,  on your right is the South Exit and on your Left is the North Exit or just go straight. On the end of the exit there is a the main road and u can see a bookstore, one side of the road goes down and the other side goes up. Take the one that goes up.

The store is basically on the 2nd alley on the right.  The 2nd alley is really small, it looks like a normal line of residential houses. Harrits Donuts is on the 2nd or 3rd house.

They make a specific amount of donuts per day and it get sold really fast. It you want to take out some donuts, you can only buy 3 pieces and if you want to reserve, u can have 10 pieces. They have a cozy little shop too.

Try it , I am sure you will love it.


[Update] ; Here is the website to Haritts Donut (Japanese).


Any thoughts?

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