A day at the Beach

T came early this month after almost 3 months. Last time we went for a walk he got teased by an old Japanese guy. This time he was not teased but he made a friend of an old Japanese guy.

We were supposed to go to Enoshima that Saturday but due to the sports activity in T’s school, we have to move it to Sunday.  It took around 1 hour from my station to Katase-Enoshima on the Local Odakyu Train.

Odakyu Line: Katase Enoshima Station
Jet Ski!!!

Darn, they were so noisy showing off there jet ski they were disturbing our peaceful afternoon at the beach :p

The entrance to the Shotengai going to the Temple.

A view from the temple. One side of the Island

A view from the temple. One side of the Island.

Rock Climbing anyone??

Sea cockroach? These little critters are everywhere!!!
The cave
Hawks!!! they are soooo free
Grilled Squid and Crab Miso Soup ( Lunch)

After Lunch, we just spent the rest of the day relaxing watching the waves break into the shore. 😀


Any thoughts?

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