A Walk to Machida

I woke up really early this morning , I wanted to sleep more but I can’ t just, I finally give up and decided to challenge myself for a walk to Machida Station along Odakyu Train going to Odawara.

Along the way I found some interesting things

I wish this little guy would turn to a really beautiful butterfly.

The Kawasaki Art Museum , a minute or 2 from Odakyu: Shin-yurigaoka Station(新百合丘駅) .

When I reached Tsurukawa Station, I decided to have a little breakfast at Mister Donuts and around 15 minutes break there too.

I also spent around 30 minutes walking around Yakushiike(薬師池公園)Park when I reached Machida City.

The water Lily Fieldgoo thing though that were still some Lilies blooming in the Water Lily field.

Up Close and PersonalUp close and personal


The park was huge , I walked around the side so that I won’t divert from my real route. They also sell some really cheap organic vegetable within the park. I got some really nice pack of eggplant and bitter gourd.

I continued my walked to machida following the bus route. I was really surprised to see that Machida is a bustling area. Lot of really areas that you can explore. I found the Nikkuman( meat bun) place, but there was already a long line there, and I was already hungry so I got myself a really big bowl of Mabu Tofu at a nearby Chinese restaurant.

It took me about 4 hours to get there and accdg to google maps, the shortest route is 13km. Very nice long walk !!


Any thoughts?

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